01: Introduction

I believe we humans are powder kegs of potential. But most of us talk ourselves out of the ideas and projects we have inside us.

That’s normal. There’s an incredible amount of fear and insecurity involved in making stuff. I felt it the entire time I was making this series. And I’m really feeling it now as I release them into the scary world.

But imagine the outbreak of beauty, creativity, and purpose that could get unleashed if you/me/we find new courage to make our ideas happen. As the late great Johann Wolfgang Goethe said, “There’s grace, power, and magic in action.”

These reflections are designed to help you step out in action and experience a little of that magic.

The idea to produce this series actually came from Bespoken Live’s storytelling gatherings in Cincinnati, Ohio. In 2016, I started to facilitate short meditations in order to spark conversations as a response to the divisive, political chaos. Amazing stories were shared amongst friends and strangers. It was beautiful.

Then I started getting requests to record the meditations/reflections so people could do them at home. And after talking myself into and out of doing them, I finally stepped out and put this 8-part contemplative journey together.

This series will walk you through the stages of the creative process (and Hero’s Journey), giving you time to reflect on each stage. It’s designed to be a tool to help you make your ideas happen.

I recommend inviting a friend to work through these with you. Having someone to process with is key. I would also recommend¬†that you take your time with them. My hunch is binge listening isn’t the best method. So as the days and weeks play out and your idea starts to come to life, I hope this series can help you along the way.